Increase the writing interest of your leaning kids by giving them beautifully crafted pencils. The online website showcases wooden butterfly handmade pencil, wooden parrot handmade pencil, and wooden tiger handmade pencil. Each of the round round shaped pencil has a wooden, crafted bird or animal attached on top. Not only, your child will keep it safe in their treasure box, but enjoy writing, drawing, and sketching with it. These pencils are creatively designed by our designers and crafted for right lead hardness and blackness, smooth feel, excellent grip, easy sharpening to get a thin point, little smudging and easy erasability.

Wooden Butterfly Handmade Pencil

Let your kids enjoy writing in their notebooks and doing studies with beautifully crafted Wooden But.....

Wooden Parrot Handmade Pencil

Exclusive craft n cart wooden parrot handmade pencil in multicolor giving the spiritual and lucky ch.....

Wooden Tiger Handmade Pencil

Kids need innovative things every time especially during their study time as this is a boring period.....